Courses take place on working days based on timetable, and conclude with a test. Our trainers are experienced experts and specialists from AS GoRail and other railway companies.

To apply for training, please prepare a free-form application with your given name, surname, residence, age, contact number and email address.

Your application should also include:

  • an identity document (ID card);
  • a document certifying education (you should have at least secondary education);
  • a railway professional certificate (if any);
  • a document certifying that you have worked as a driver of a specialised railway vehicle or as an assistant train driver for at least four months (if any).

After completing the training, you will be issued with a train driver’s licence provided that you:

  • are at least 20 years old;
  • have acquired a basic education or completed level 3 vocational training or train driver training based on secondary education in accordance with the requirements specified in Council Decision 85/368/EEC on the comparability of vocational training qualifications between the Member States of the European Community (OJ L 199, 31.07.1985, p. 56-59);
  • have submitted a certificate confirming that you have passed a medical examination;
  • have successfully passed the train driver examination at the Estonian Transport Administration.

For more information contact:

Ingrid Käo
+372 5452 7627